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  2. Looking for gear(Xbox)

    Lone star gear is all I ever see so I'll message once one dopes
  3. Looking for gear(Xbox)

    I dont play all that often but I will message you if I get any of those. All I am looking for at the moment is a lonestar chestpiece.
  4. UE Graphics

    I love this idea (obviously if you don’t mind) Having a base package for partners for UE Sanctionite to put into the Dropbox would be a huge + I think. This way partners can pick and choose what they could use for their panels to rep UE. Great idea
  5. Looking for gear(Xbox)

    These are the classified gear pieces I'm looking for, If anyone has any i would really appreciate it. WEAPONS •Bullfrog STRIKER'S •Knee Pads •Mask •Harness •Backpack PREDATOR •Backpack •Gloves •Holster •Harness Again if anyone has any of these and would like to give them to me I would really appreciate. If you have any gear that you are looking for reply to this thread and if I find any I'll give to you. I'll be farming till 5pm or so today, it's currently 5 till 11am. Message GT: TheRealGalvan Thanks. Have a good day.
  6. UE Graphics

    I have thought about how I can involve myself a bit more in the UE community and how I can help the streamers here ( I dont make to many graphics for non-streamer types those nerds ). Many here have lives outside of streaming and that often doesn't allow for much spare budget for such a luxury as twitch graphics, I was considering making multiple UE Exclusive graphics packages that would include everything you need to improve the overall look and feel to your stream. These would be premade sets of graphics, that would come with the support of myself to put it together or change small items on the graphics themselves. I would like to take a poll as to who would like this type of graphics package opportunity if you have any ideas of what else I can do I would appreciate you sharing thank you. Link to Form : Click Here
  7. Charity Stream

    @the_starbuxchic I would like to officially like to offer my graphic services for this venture if you have anything in mind, alerts, special overlay, anything just messages me on discord - free of charge Discord Username: OVRWRK#1996
  8. Artwork

    Art Portfolio(s): Official Website: Click Here Dribbble Portfolio: Click Here Behance Portfolio: Click Here YouTube Channel: Click Here Twitter: Click Here Each one has its own unique posts of work i've done.
  9. Charity Stream

    I am very interested in setting up a charity stream and possibly getting more streamers involved. All proceeds would go to the family members of the South Florida school shooting that happened this Valentines day. I still have to do a ton of research and it may not be this weekend but possibly next. I will need assistance with it, as well as more streamers on board for this to make any sort of impact. Thank you for any information/suggestions you may have. I would love to do a 24 hour stream but I am a mom and I can't LOL
  10. Artwork

    Very cool OvrWrk, do you have an online portfolio or some examples of your style we could see. I know many people out there are always looking for something new and fresh and I'm willing to pass along info when I think or see a good fit.
  11. Artwork

    I planned on running a 15% discount ( with a code ) for upper echelon users who are interested in my graphics. I will dm you. <3
  12. Artwork

    @OvrWrk what kind of a promotion would you be willing to run within the Upper Echelon Network? We still have advertising space and other ways to supplement your discounts, if you're interested in getting in touch with us about that.
  13. Happy Friday! Beer and Pizza of choice?

    Sounds like someone had a seizure while making their brew
  14. Artwork

    Love it, the video graphics are something I (and probably many others) are interested in as well to enhance streams. Thanks for coming on board man!
  15. transfering vod from xb1 on twitch

    Be sure to link your YouTube to your twitch. Then once you ‘video manage’ your videos and export directly to YouTube.
  16. Artwork

    I expect a little something extra extra along with my graphics! Sir!
  17. Artwork

    Can this post be pinned FOREVER? I'm looking forward to working on many projects with you In the future. :DDD
  18. Artwork

    Hello UE Peoplez, I would like to officially make a post here on my abilities and current status on creating artwork and how you can utilize those for your streams. I am not here to solicit myself and attempt to get more customers, I am here to watch and help in any way I can and if anyone feels like they want to take there streaming more serious and they wish to invest in some proper custom designs then I am here to offer my services. First I would like to say that I am not the best option out on the market if you see Doctor Disrespect's graphics or any of the other big streamers and think that's the quality you will be receiving you are mistaken. Those graphics are created by the top twitch graphics companies with 20-year professionals behind them, those are the idols that I look up to for inspiration and motivation. I would like to see my services as a stepping stone, as in you need an upgrade, but there will always be improvements that can be made. My prices: Currently I mixed a combination of competitive pricing and hourly rate. If I want customers then I need to keep my prices competitive so I based many of them on the larger graphic designs services online for twitch graphics. As well as a basic estimate of how long it will take. My abilities: All designers are good at specific things, I am able to do most anything that you may need, emotes, logo design, animations, etc. However, I would definitely say I am better at 2D banner design, then emote design. I did not specialize in drawing so the drawing type work like emote design and the like are a bit beyond me. If you want some serious emote design I can recommend you to a known artist, but If you need just some nice looking text, or a logo emote I can make it happen, and my price reflects that. My main skills are 3D design, Photoshop work, Video solutions. Current Status: a 72 hour turnaround time is what I shoot for on packages - however, smaller items may be completed sooner. What you will get: I try and keep my designs very unique, this is important to differentiate yourself from the ocean of other streamers out there. You will see a distinct difference between my designs on my site, I never reuse old layouts or images for graphics, this may be easier for me but hate when designers use the same thing each time and just recolour it. It's not fair to you and doesn't look impressive on my part. I feel like the best designs I make are when the streamers are motivated to work with me and have a vision, the journey of me and the streamer to realize that vision is a very fun experience. This is kinda a long post so I understand if not too many read it entirety I just like to type out some of my thoughts. Tell me what you guys think if you have any questions, etc. Thanks, all
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  20. Looking for gear(Xbox)

    Dang sorry I'm late but thanks for being cool
  21. Profile Picture size

    So the limit on filesize is limited right now in order to optimize server performance. If we happen to have users uploading high resolution images at the same time, then it may slow down load times for small durations, or spike up the bill.
  22. Happy Friday! Beer and Pizza of choice?

    Pepperoni! dogfish head burton baton
  23. Profile Picture size

    @OvrWrk coming in CLUTCH
  24. Profile Picture size

    Oh thanks @OvrWrk lol. I'll shoot you a message in discord. I figured what was sent would've been standard. Imaging noob here.
  25. An App were working on.

    If this becomes a reality, then I'm sure the community can help promote the app! I don't play the game that much, so I need that extra boost of knowledge, so I'm looking forward to it.
  26. A Wild OvrWrk has Appeared!

    Hell to the yes, Carl is here now! Welcome buddy and I’m glad hypnoticz bugged you about joining!
  27. Hi there! I'm Lithril

    Welcome Lirthil
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