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  3. [50] 7 day Bonus Code Giveaway

    Oh for Console only
  4. My Wot PC Somua SM WG loaned me the tank so here's my review after a week of playing
  5. Hello tankers i'm giving away [50] 7 day bonus codes on mixer how to win is Ez just watch my live stream for a total of 2 hours i.e. 0-120 bonds Bonds = points then redeem via !shop & !buy 1 in chat and ill whisper you the code Ez right? all links are down below see ya.
  6. Back and Feeling Better

    whats your IGN on tanks PC we can platoon some day
  7. Fun PUBG Facts

    Hah, nice.
  8. Fun PUBG Facts

    Did you guys know? 1) hypnoticz lives near me (like really close) but wont have a beer with me and meet up. 2) We both stream PUBG, we both rage, we both are pretty good at the game... 3) I love this game, and am addicted 4) Actually this was more click bait to get a laugh out of everyone, and let hypno know that we will meet up and have a drink or two one of these nights.
  9. Hi, I'm Domed!

    I'm a fan of the new artwork and branding, keep it up!!!
  10. Hi, I'm Domed!

    Hello! I'm DomedGMNG and this is my club! I'm a Twitch Affiliate streamer and a member of UEN. You can check out the stream at Also Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  11. Possible weekend stream night?

    GTA V is going to be lit. im installing it right now and browsing the RP community to put in an application.....problem is: they want a description of your character and i dont have one yet.... lol
  12. Now Variety Streaming/YouTuber
  13. Possible weekend stream night?

    Just picking up VM2, looks good with friends. I'd be down for some F2P Games. Even some Massive games would be fun with the community. Ark 7 Days to Die ECT I run an ARK server for my friends at home if anyone is interested in that PM me or leave a message here
  14. Now Variety Streaming/YouTuber

    Thanks for all the welcomes, feeling good and healthy again!
  15. God of War HYPE!

    Is it only coming out on PS4?
  16. Possible weekend stream night?

    @IAMattMan also expressed interest in GTA V RP, let's look into it!
  17. God of War HYPE!

    Who's ready?!?!?!?!
  18. Possible weekend stream night?

    im down for some GTA 5 RP LUL or some Forest.
  19. Possible weekend stream night?

    I'm going to go ahead and revert what I said about vermintide 2. I've decided to give it a shot. Maybe I'll see you in game? The other games I think would be good and I will still continue to try a weekly or bi-weekly game night type thing.
  20. Possible weekend stream night?

    I thought about vermintide 2 but it just doesn't seem to have enough that I'd personally play long-term. There are a lot of smaller games that are good co-op things as well if your just interested in a one-off type of community night. Some that I would recommend that are easy to get into and are cheap are: left 4 dead (one or two) castle crashers borderlands series broforce rocket league stick fight ultimate chicken horse golf with friends I'm actually working on doing a recurring community night type thing frenzy but the focus will be on party/coop games. Maybe we sync up? I'm currently asking people in other communities if they even have any desire.
  21. Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Fisrt UEN Mixer streamer Lit
  22. Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Big risk but you only live once
  23. Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Hm, this is going to be interesting, been hearing people talk about it but nobody actually took the plunge. You're going to be my first follow on Mixer, Godspeed @EzBreezy
  24. ASL?

    Assuuuhhhh dooddd 39/F/Walmart
  25. Possible weekend stream night?

    It's a fun game, but I played it on console and I'm not really looking forward to buying it again, it's not that worth imo. But this idea is pretty good, perhaps we can do it for another game (not PUBG)? I was thinking something like GTA Online heists or something cooperative.
  26. Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Good luck breezy! Hope it works out! I've been debating the same thing. I have a few friends who work at mixer and are trying to get people to come aboard.
  27. Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Hi I'm new
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