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    Yes. UE will be covering every aspect of Division 2, creating a community, a clan, guild... you name it. We will organize events, host trading or cooperation forums... and overall attempt to be one of the biggest Divison 2 hubs out there. I apologize for the late response. We will attempt to cover the game on a global level if there are enough members interested.
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    I am what people would call a mature casual PC gamer in the UK. I've been playing various games now for a few years and totally enjoy the PvE side of things in the games. I've really started getting in to things from the Lord of The Rings Online and was part of the beta testing way way back when it started over 10 years ago. I then moved onto Star Wars - The Old Republic (SW fan if honest) and then onto The Division with yet more beta time. I've loved The Division a lot and logged over 2400 hours of playtime in the game. Loved the whole experience, the open world but, to be frank, hated the DZ with a vengeance. I'm not a great PvP'er at all and found the toxicity in that area to be terrible so only went in there for the PvE parts that I wanted. With The Division 2 coming out soon, I do have high hopes for it - better openworld stuff, improved graphics and better game-play and storyline and even better end game stuff. What I am very interested in though is the supposed clan-based option (kinships/tribes). Will they be called Divisions or Platoons though???? So far, nothing has been mentioned by Ubisoft regarding this at any of the recent events so is this still happening 🤔 Also, I have wondered who I would most like to be part of - who would want a player like myself. A player who's online at times, likes to chill out and have fun yet try and do well in the game, who has a real world life that takes precedent over the gaming world and one that loves the PvE and storyline. Will UE be having a UK guild for TD2 or what? What are your thoughts about this side of things for TD2 and such like? Thank you for taking the time in reading this and look forward to all your responses ☺️
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    I'm afraid you were on the receiving end of bad luck. I also farmed DZ, but primarily with a group of people I knew so we could fend off attackers. Eventually, one of the exotic drops was a House from a named boss. I'd recommend farming the DZ named bosses with a group, grind the open world named bosses if you can't find a group, and grind the GE events when they're online. Otherwise, there's nothing much you can do as far as I know, maybe someone who's more seasoned can suggest alternatives.