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    Hello tankers i'm giving away [50] 7 day bonus codes on mixer how to win is Ez just watch my live stream for a total of 2 hours i.e. 0-120 bonds Bonds = points then redeem via !shop & !buy 1 in chat and ill whisper you the code Ez right? all links are down below see ya. http://mixer.com/EzCompany http://botisimo.com/u/ezcompany/shop
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    Stream is back Live and We're feeling better. Fought off the sickness and I can speak again! Working back into a schedule and YouTube content resumes on the first! https://www.twitch.tv/spidercowsd
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    Did you guys know? 1) hypnoticz lives near me (like really close) but wont have a beer with me and meet up. 2) We both stream PUBG, we both rage, we both are pretty good at the game... 3) I love this game, and am addicted 4) Actually this was more click bait to get a laugh out of everyone, and let hypno know that we will meet up and have a drink or two one of these nights.
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    Hello! I'm DomedGMNG and this is my club! I'm a Twitch Affiliate streamer and a member of UEN. You can check out the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/domedgmng Also Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! https://www.facebook.com/Domedgmng-589673701425369/ https://twitter.com/DomedGMNG https://www.instagram.com/domedgmng/