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    Yo! I noticed we don’t have a Instagram. Is this something we look to adding for social media fun or nah? Thnx!
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    not sure accounts can be shared, but if you designate a person who recieves the photos and owns the accounts then they can just post content and repost the partners content as well
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    no that night definitely wasnt
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    Lol, I'm the one Nay. Sad day. My thoughts are that memes are just real simple and easy. There's already a section on discord for it as well. Discord, at least for me, is much more accessible through the use of the app or that I always have it open on my desktop. I feel like if there's no difference or exclusivity between the forums and the discord one of them will stop being used by the masses. That would more than likely be the forums because of the ease of access of discord. Just my two cents.
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    but @Lord Shaffer tonight his not his night
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    @zader @EzBreezy why i have school why rip me