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    Welcome to Upper Echelon. What is Upper Echelon? Upper Echelon was founded primarily as a social gaming community. Since inception, the goal has been to provide a well organized and helpful environment for as many gamers as possible. Upper Echelon soon evolved into Upper Echelon LLC with the slogan "Innovative Careers in Gaming" a company specializing in community development and event management, but even then it was just the start. As the Upper Echelon communities expanded the Upper Echelon Network was born. The Upper Echelon Network (UEN for short) is a group of streamers, YouTubers, and writers that have likeminded goals of building and fostering a creative community for the benefit of its members. Within the UEN are a host of talented creators and gamers from ex-pro players to purely entertainment based personalities all helping to build the Upper Echelon (as well as their own) brand. What is the Upper Echelon Network? Upper Echelon LLC and the Upper Echelon Network function in harmony, with Upper Echelon LLC planning and executing events, providing consultation services to Streamers and other Creators, as well as continuing to build communities in various social media, and individual games. The UEN, while similar, is built around the mutual benefit and expansion of interested content creators and Upper Echelon, but more importantly their peers. The UEN is a social group of dedicated creators working their way towards individual goals with the help of their fellow members, and the Upper Echelon team as a whole. Want to work with us? The Upper Echelon core team, as well as the Upper Echelon Network, are currently open to applications. We invite any interested creators to reach out to us and see if joining the UEN may be a good fit that will both help them grow their brand and help UE as a company expand its reach and community development potential. If you would like to be out of the spotlight, but still possess a drive to tackle obstacles, build social spaces, and help polish various gaming-related projects, let us know, the Upper Echelon LLC development team is always looking for talented passionate gamers. As Upper Echelon continues to expand we will be breaking into the Esports scene with our own teams, there will be numerous events, giveaways, charities and much much more. We look forward to growing the community further with our new and expanding website. Thank you for reading. And for all those interested in working with UE further, feel free to drop us a line through the contact form at the bottom of the page. Chris (Sanctionite) CEO - Upper Echelon LLC