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    The network was re-established with the goal to provide streamers who supported Upper Echelon with networking tools, opportunities, and a community they could leverage to improve their own channels and communities on their journey to attain partnership, or to simply bolster their hobby of streaming. Unfortunately, there has been little growth thus far, due to a lack of support from multiple parties and misdirection on the coordinators' parts.

    After much deliberating, the coordinators decided to dissolve the network and ask Lost in the Sauce, a relatively successful stream team, to take in the current UEN streamers and provide them with the networking and mentorship they were promised. And they agreed!

    Although Upper Echelon could not deliver on those promises, the coordinators were able to provide whoever participated with the express opportunity of joining the Lost in the Sauce team, and a promise that their application would be flagged for special attention.
    Within 1 day, the Lost in the Sauce community has provided tremendous support by visiting various channels that were under the Upper Echelon Network. They made an effort to connect with the network's streamers and show what Lost in the Sauce is all about: family. The streamers and coordinators are very happy with this arrangement. Upper Echelon is looking forward to nurturing a close relationship with Lost in the Sauce, and are proud to be alongside the team to bolster the community.
    Thank you to the network streamers for sticking with Upper Echelon.
    Thank you Lost in the Sauce, for this wonderful opportunity.
    Here's to the future.

    For more information about Lost in the Sauce, click here.

    Upper Echelon Gamers and a couple of members of the UEN are taking part in a 72 hour charity stream starting on the 9th of March and ending on the 11th. There are 18 different streamers from various communities taking part with the aim of raising $10,000 dollars for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. 
    This is an ambitious target and @Uber Timmeh has been working around the clock to secure prizes and giveaways for the weekend. Massive was generous enough to donate 60 PC copies of The Division Gold Edition and Megan from Digital Extremes provided 5000 platinum for Warframe to give away. There is also over $1000 worth of Xbox One codes up for grabs!
    Tune in on the fun, and help us support a great cause! If you aren't able to make it to any of the streams, don't fret! You can still support by donating at https://tiltify.com/@uber-timmeh/starlight-fundraiser/donate

    The forum is the central hub for communication on the various topics the community indulges in.
    Getting involved in the forums or with existing topics is simple. Either you can create topics of discussions containing comments or questions about something you feel strongly about, or you can browse others’ topics and give them a piece of your mind.
    There are several sections for different topics of interest, ranging from community related topics to the games played by the community.
    The easiest way to get started is to introduce yourself! To create a new topic for that express purpose…
    1. Navigate to the forums by clicking “Forums” in the navigation menu
    2. Click on “Start topic” at the top-right (top for mobile users) of the page
    3. Select the “Introductions” category, since you will be introducing yourself
    4. Provide a catchy title if you wish, and introduce yourself in the message body
    5. You may optionally follow the topic to be notified of replies
    That’s all there is to it! Happy posting!

    The Upper Echelon Network has always been intended to be a platform for content creators to utilize resources provided by Upper Echelon LLC to market their channels and build communities, while representing the Upper Echelon brand. It was always meant to be a mutual partnership.
    However, the network has had some growing pains over time. At various intervals, a lack of coordination, overloaded schedules, and problems syncing features/resources between candidates and staff has lead to stagnation. We recognize this, and are moving forward with a new structure. Some previous structural elements made it difficult for the network’s operators to implement new methods of marketing partnered channels and helping brand/grow our partners. Community members and partners alike were concerned and frustrated about the situation, so action has been taken.
    In order to tackle these issues, a committee has been formed with the goal of transforming and reestablishing the network as a valuable and functional operation. After collecting analytical data, communicating with internal parties and members, and debating on the best course of action, it was settled the network would function in the following manner.
    Streamers can apply to join the network, at which point they will be vetted. Applicants will be reviewed objectively based on a document of guidelines, which only serve the purpose of streamlining the admissions process. The guidelines are not meant to be inflexible or confining, they exist as a framework to standardize the process. Furthermore, the network itself will be scouting for streamers or other forms of content creators to invite, which will allow current partners to easily connect with new streamers, as opposed to partners having to go through the effort of branching out themselves.
    When it comes to partnership perks, we expect partners who are passionate or interested about working with Upper Echelon to utilize the resources that are being sourced and maintained. The website provides a platform to showcase one’s community, announce events, and sell merchandise or other content to a site that is attracting nearly 100 unique visitors a day, and there are many others perks we have ready to offer, which will be detailed in another article down the road.
    Change can sometimes be hard, or unexpected. We want to ask that those with feedback on the process, or the structure reach out to us through one of the many contact channels (or comment directly below this message). Over the course of this process there have been many changes in the UEN roster, and to all past, present and future UEN participants we would like to say thank you, especially to those who have helped facilitate what we believe will be an amazing step for the network as a whole.
    The network, once again, is meant for mutual partnership that involves working together closely with fellow streamers and network coordinators to organize events and allow the network to effectively market partnered channels. We will be expanding on the existing features and finding new ways to promote and benefit partnered channels over the coming months.
    The Upper Echelon Network project is still a work-in-progress as we try to explore and debate different ways of handling and promoting growth. So far, the changes that have been implemented are with confidence that they will set the foundation for further growth and benefit. Thank you for reading.


    Getting Started: Clubs

    By zader, in Information,

    Clubs is a new way to facilitate your community on this website, and allow for members to carry out discussions and stay informed about events within the scope of the respective community. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your clubs.
    Access Levels
    Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. This is fit for open communities that don't require approval or membership.
    Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. This option is best for managing and displaying a roster.
    Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. This is for exclusive groups.
    Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. This is for clubs that want to remain off-the-grid.
    Topics are the primary method of communication within a club. Much like forums, users can start discussion threads within topics defined by the club's owners. Each topic adds a new tab to the club's page, where discussions can be started by members.
    The club's calendar is managed by club owners. Club owners can create events on the calendar to notify members of upcoming events. If you're planning on conducting giveaways, hosting charity events, or if you just want to keep your community updated on what's going on, the calendar facilitates all of that.


    Feature Highlights

    By Sanctionite, in Information,

    Whats new? The answer is, a lot of things. There are a host of new features (and many more being developed constantly) for the community to use. 
    The new site is built to benefit both individual creators as well as content creators, as they try to get the most out of their gaming experience.
    Pretty straightforward, everyone knows forums. But our forums are now bigger and better with a superior layout, better organization and a much more professional setup.
    Create topics, get discussions going, and participate in a variety of ways with the community.
    Clubs let users create their own sub-communities within our site, complete with forums, galleries and more - ideal for departmental groups, interest-based communities and social experiences outside of individual games, with a large community that is both helpful and fun. These can be used for game guilds, friend groups, or events.
    Public, Private, Open, Closed.
    Clubs can choose an appropriate club type to determine how much they share with the wider community.
    Club moderators can be granted full control over their clubs, and approve join requests or invite new members to the club.
    Club content is fully integrated into the community - content will appear in users' activity streams, search results, and users get notifications.
    Leaders can customize their club with a photo, banner image, and add new content areas when needed.
    Set up events in any number of calendars created within the community. Customize event pages and request RSVPs from other users.
    There will be community sponsored events, giveaways, streaming events, charities and more...
    You can create events for your club, your friends, or the community at large. Please reach out to moderators or administrators for assistance organizing these events and utilizing the tools. 
    FULL MERCHANDISE STORE (Updating frequently)
    Our merch store has been crafted carefully. We will be offering a wide selection of specific game based, as well as Upper Echelon themed merchandise to gamers.
    Are you a content creator? We will be finalizing an affiliate program, through which you may offer your own merchandise with customized designs and graphics to your community with a commission on each sale.
    Want it your way? We will be offering merch that can have your own personal name, Gamertag or slogan on it. 
    You can now like or dislike posts made by others members. Simply hover over the blue heart at the bottom right of posts, to submit a rating.
    The site now has a functional leaderboard point system based on activity, which allows you to earn your way to larger rewards that Upper Echelon will be providing to the community.
    We are working on additional exciting features to enable you to share content with the community in various ways. Stay tuned for updates!


    About Upper Echelon LLC

    By Sanctionite, in Information,

    Welcome to Upper Echelon. 
    What is Upper Echelon?
    Upper Echelon was founded primarily as a social gaming community. Since inception, the goal has been to provide a well organized and helpful environment for as many gamers as possible. Upper Echelon soon evolved into Upper Echelon LLC with the slogan "Innovative Careers in Gaming" a company specializing in community development and event management, but even then it was just the start.
    As the Upper Echelon communities expanded the Upper Echelon Network was born. The Upper Echelon Network (UEN for short) is a group of streamers, YouTubers, and writers that have likeminded goals of building and fostering a creative community for the benefit of its members. Within the UEN are a host of talented creators and gamers from ex-pro players to purely entertainment based personalities all helping to build the Upper Echelon (as well as their own) brand. 
    What is the Upper Echelon Network?
    Upper Echelon LLC and the Upper Echelon Network function in harmony, with Upper Echelon LLC planning and executing events, providing consultation services to Streamers and other Creators, as well as continuing to build communities in various social media, and individual games.
    The UEN, while similar, is built around the mutual benefit and expansion of interested content creators and Upper Echelon, but more importantly their peers. The UEN is a social group of dedicated creators working their way towards individual goals with the help of their fellow members, and the Upper Echelon team as a whole. 
    Want to work with us?
    The Upper Echelon core team, as well as the Upper Echelon Network, are currently open to applications. We invite any interested creators to reach out to us and see if joining the UEN may be a good fit that will both help them grow their brand and help UE as a company expand its reach and community development potential. 
    If you would like to be out of the spotlight, but still possess a drive to tackle obstacles, build social spaces, and help polish various gaming-related projects, let us know, the Upper Echelon LLC development team is always looking for talented passionate gamers. 
    As Upper Echelon continues to expand we will be breaking into the Esports scene with our own teams, there will be numerous events, giveaways, charities and much much more. We look forward to growing the community further with our new and expanding website. 
    Thank you for reading. And for all those interested in working with UE further, feel free to drop us a line through the contact form at the bottom of the page.
    Chris (Sanctionite) CEO - Upper Echelon LLC