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    Lost in the Sauce has acquired UEN


    The network was re-established with the goal to provide streamers who supported Upper Echelon with networking tools, opportunities, and a community they could leverage to improve their own channels and communities on their journey to attain partnership, or to simply bolster their hobby of streaming. Unfortunately, there has been little growth thus far, due to a lack of support from multiple parties and misdirection on the coordinators' parts.

    After much deliberating, the coordinators decided to dissolve the network and ask Lost in the Sauce, a relatively successful stream team, to take in the current UEN streamers and provide them with the networking and mentorship they were promised. And they agreed!

    Although Upper Echelon could not deliver on those promises, the coordinators were able to provide whoever participated with the express opportunity of joining the Lost in the Sauce team, and a promise that their application would be flagged for special attention.

    Within 1 day, the Lost in the Sauce community has provided tremendous support by visiting various channels that were under the Upper Echelon Network. They made an effort to connect with the network's streamers and show what Lost in the Sauce is all about: family. The streamers and coordinators are very happy with this arrangement. Upper Echelon is looking forward to nurturing a close relationship with Lost in the Sauce, and are proud to be alongside the team to bolster the community.

    Thank you to the network streamers for sticking with Upper Echelon.

    Thank you Lost in the Sauce, for this wonderful opportunity.

    Here's to the future.

    For more information about Lost in the Sauce, click here.

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