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  1. Do you mean Destiny 2? if so our 3 clan sections are pretty much deserted as well. The game died off completely.
  2. Sanctionite

    How's Everyone Doing

    things are good man, gearing up for E3 and coverage of that event. Hope all is well for you.
  3. Sanctionite

    Looking for gear(Xbox)

    I dont play all that often but I will message you if I get any of those. All I am looking for at the moment is a lonestar chestpiece.
  4. Sanctionite


    Love it, the video graphics are something I (and probably many others) are interested in as well to enhance streams. Thanks for coming on board man!
  5. Sanctionite

    Can we get a MEMEs section please?

    Lol, I could use some meme education, I think we can absolutely look into a section like that.
  6. Sanctionite

    One hell of a SCAV run!

    dear lord.... I had a sweet nail biter run the other day where I got a silenced and scoped SKS and some other stuff but that right there is crazy.... when are we gonna play again buddy guy.
  7. Sanctionite

    One Shot, One Kill, WoT Clip!

    ok, i dont know much about world of tanks, but that was a sweet shot.
  8. Sanctionite

    looking for

    If I have extras I will post here, but i dont know how long I would be able to hold them in a checkpoint.
  9. Sanctionite

    Creating a Gaming News Section

    I would love to have a gaming news section shape up in some way, the only main concern is regular content and having a few active participants feeding articles. The last version of the site had something like that but it ended up just being video scripts. I will talk with some people and see whats what with the software we have available.
  10. Sanctionite

    Striker classified

    I Highly recommend Responsive, Unforgiving, and Competent. With Competent in the third slot.
  11. Sanctionite

    Brand new here

    Welcome man, its a pleasure to have you on board. Please feel free to bring in friends, and help us get the community popping.
  12. Sanctionite

    Help Me Pick A Game

    As soon as I saw witcher 3 it was a no-brainer to me. Possibly my favorite game of all time. Also, I like seeing the specific thought process of which game directory to go into... too many times streamers wont consider these things while simultaneously attempting to maximize growth when truthfully this kind of process is necessary.
  13. Sanctionite

    streaming in french

    I have no objection whatsoever to you streaming in French. Personally, I wouldn't be able to understand all that much but you should do whatever you are comfortable with and I appreciate the diversity within the community.
  14. The best luck I have personally is running a nice LVOAC or M4 and trading at range. The house drops in its efficiency wildly outside of 15 meters. It's an imperfect solution because everyone loves running 3 feet away in the open trading but its the best thing I have seen so far. I love Deadeye myself, and it can hit HARD at range but it also has that annoying part about remaining in cover, and that's a bad move sometimes in PvP. I don't know if they will change things though, wouldn't bet on it... I mean look how long it takes/took to fix similar mechanics.
  15. Sanctionite

    Xbox player help with classy's

    I will be on escape from tarkov this weekend but if you are around early this coming week we can group up.