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  1. Games Dean

    Ps4 player in need of squad

    Gonna add you in a few. I really want to get that treasure hunt patch. See you in the field agent.
  2. Games Dean

    Ps4 player in need of squad

    Yeah I'd thought as much. Problem is I stepped away from facebook for a reason and I don't feel like making a completely new profile at the moment. But I'll see what I can do.
  3. Games Dean

    Ps4 player in need of squad

    Yeah my clan isn't active either and with all the Eververse bullshit going on right now I don't even want to play D2 Right now. I'll add you tomorrow, hopefully we can team up soon. Just need a couple more, maybe even Sanctionite will join us, that would be awesome.
  4. Hey guys, Games Dean here. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in forming a solid squad for Fortnite BR. It is a fun game with huge potential, the only real problem is that it it is flooded with kids playing it. That being said I want to form a solid squad of people who can work together, help each other and maybe even bring other interested people into the game. Let me know what you think of this and if you're interested reply to this thread please. I know Fortnite has a certain image of it being a little kids game which is unfair to the game. It has huge potential and the developers are constantly trying to expand the experience. Looking forward to your replies guys. Games Dean P.S. Here's a video of how fun Fortnite can be. (Note this is solo so the experience would be even more/better in a squad)
  5. Games Dean

    Ps4 player in need of squad

    Thank you for replying Sanc! I really like how this community has grown over time and with the addition of forums and the new site, this community will grow even more. I have been a part of UEG on facebook since the inception and since I don't use facebook anymore and I took a break from the Division because of obvious reasons, I really am amazed to see the direction UE has been going. Great times ahead. I will do my best to be an active member and help other members where I can. Hopefully we can team up once you're back in the game on PS4! My psn is deadmotion-420 (hate that ID, had it since I was a couple of years but since we can't change it, yet, I'll have to make due with this one)
  6. Hey there. I'm a day one player who came back after a break since 1.6, seeing how great 1.8 is and I'm totally hooked again on TCTD. But I'm in need of a few squad mates to run the DZ more and do stuff like the secret mission on WSP. Drop your psn here and I will add as soon as I can. I'm a mainly PVE focused guy but I definitely can stand my ground in PVP.