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  1. GoobMcGee

    Possible weekend stream night?

    I'm going to go ahead and revert what I said about vermintide 2. I've decided to give it a shot. Maybe I'll see you in game? The other games I think would be good and I will still continue to try a weekly or bi-weekly game night type thing.
  2. GoobMcGee

    Possible weekend stream night?

    I thought about vermintide 2 but it just doesn't seem to have enough that I'd personally play long-term. There are a lot of smaller games that are good co-op things as well if your just interested in a one-off type of community night. Some that I would recommend that are easy to get into and are cheap are: left 4 dead (one or two) castle crashers borderlands series broforce rocket league stick fight ultimate chicken horse golf with friends I'm actually working on doing a recurring community night type thing frenzy but the focus will be on party/coop games. Maybe we sync up? I'm currently asking people in other communities if they even have any desire.
  3. GoobMcGee

    UE Graphics

    Cool idea. Sounds like it'd be something similar to the premade scenes on something like streamelements? More stuff is better.
  4. GoobMcGee

    Profile Picture size

    Oh thanks @OvrWrk lol. I'll shoot you a message in discord. I figured what was sent would've been standard. Imaging noob here.
  5. GoobMcGee

    Profile Picture size

    File size
  6. GoobMcGee

    Profile Picture size

    Apparently this site currently doesn't allow me to use my normal profile picture because the file is too large. Any chance that could be increased?
  7. GoobMcGee

    League of Legends

    So the glyph system is gone but has been replaced with what they're calling runes. It's I think simpler to see the effects of what they do but it also gives a LOT more options. Then once you get in game, you progress by getting gold from killing minions/monsters, players, and getting objectives and using that gold for items. You can build on a per game basis so it's REALLY deep. Then you also, have all the champions to learn so you know if you should be trying to split up and spread the enemy, team up to force them into "team fights", or just try to poke them down from a distance to force them to retreat. Anyways, there's a lot of info and a log going on. It's deep.
  8. GoobMcGee

    League of Legends

    So I've recently had the itch to try a MOBA and had previously played League for like a month. For the past week, maybe two, I've been getting into League of Legends. By "getting into" I mean deeply looking at all the champions, items, strategies, lore, everything. It's actually found me some pretty good success as well. I've streamed League 5 times now and gotten up to about 12 peak viewers and 10 new followers. This totally goes against the initial expectation as I thought League would be a death sentence for my channel and is actually a lot as I only have about 150 followers in total. The game is so in depth and deaths can cost the game. Because of this, there's so much focus that I've been having trouble interacting as much but people seem to be enjoying it still. I guess I was just curious if anyone else here played/streamed league or if there are other games that you've found success in that was unexpected.
  9. Dude, I started getting into League of Legends. My life is over...
  10. GoobMcGee

    Can we get a MEMEs section please?

    Lol, I'm the one Nay. Sad day. My thoughts are that memes are just real simple and easy. There's already a section on discord for it as well. Discord, at least for me, is much more accessible through the use of the app or that I always have it open on my desktop. I feel like if there's no difference or exclusivity between the forums and the discord one of them will stop being used by the masses. That would more than likely be the forums because of the ease of access of discord. Just my two cents.
  11. Hey guys, since I've started getting involved with UE again, I noticed a good portion of you chumps are playing Escape from Tarkov pretty actively. I had given the game a chance a few months back but between a few things, I just couldn't stick with it at the time. It seems the quality of the game has improved since with more content and potentially a more stable experience. HOWEVER, the state of the game isn't exactly what I want to discuss in this thread. I'm more curious as to how you guys see the success of the game will be in general and on twitch. It seems as though it caters to a very specific demographic - the gun nut. I'm not saying that a shooter fan, or even just the general gamer couldn't have a good time with the game but there is a level of realism that's past a few games. I've put in almost 900 hours on Arma, one of the more realistic shooters that bases their weapons, vehicles, even maps on real locations and equipment and I'm STILL overwhelmed for Tarkov. I own a few weapons as well and I'm STILL overwhelmed in Tarkov. I played several hours of the game and even researched the weapons, weapon kits, ammo varieties, and equipment on forums and google docs. I think this works really well for the game as occupying a unique niche and provides for some interesting gameplay when composing your equipment selections before a run, catering to both yours and the map's strengths. Still, the complexity of the game creates a barrier to entry for new twitch viewers. You can't jump in on someone's Tarkov run and fully understand what they got and why they got it. You also can't jump in and even tell how someone is doing. Did they start with teammates? If so, are they alive or dead? Did they go in/gain any gear while they've been in the run? How far are they to exit? This creates a viewing experience that's not as easy to digest as something like CSGO or League of Legends where you can just look at the simple scoreboard. For this reason, while I think the game with be pseudo successful as a game, I don't see it ever being a huge or lasting thing on twitch. What do you guys think?
  12. GoobMcGee

    Creating a Gaming News Section

    Sounds good. I look forward to an update. Thanks.
  13. GoobMcGee

    Creating a Gaming News Section

    @Sanctionite any thoughts on the topic?
  14. GoobMcGee

    Do we want a CSGO forum?

    No problem, just curious.
  15. GoobMcGee

    Do we want a CSGO forum?

    Is there a threshold we'd want to see @zader before creating a forum?