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  1. Coming onto the PC front before D2 for control practice and those nice cosmetics! Getting some VBSPCA (Animal Shelter Donations) For the Month!
  2. SpidercowSD

    Dauntless Stuff

    Hey guys, boards seem kinda quiet these days. Doing some Dauntless Gameplay if anyone is down, also Streaming it as well. Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. SpidercowSD

    Any Interest in LoL or SMITE Team?

    Spidercowsd for League of Legends. I’m all thumbs on FPS games so I play them for fun va competition. Will need to make a PC SMITE account still. Consoles don’t transfer over which is sad, had a few unlocks on the PS4.
  4. SpidercowSD

    Any Interest in LoL or SMITE Team?

    I enjoy League of all of the salt it provides. It’s even better with a crew to play with. My friends list is bare so tossing my name in the hat, SpidercowSD is my tag on LoL. I’m redoing a new account. Old account is long gone so once I’m 30 and Placed in Ranked I’m going to need some running mates! Also so looking into also Getting SMITE, I like the god theme and skill shot based auto attacks! Anyone into playing either of these games. Smite would be PS4 or PC or both.
  5. SpidercowSD

    4 years from twitch switched to mixer a few weeks ago

    I found it and hit the follow, I’ll make sure to tune in when I can!
  6. SpidercowSD

    4 years from twitch switched to mixer a few weeks ago

    https://mixer.com/SpidercowSD Whats your's so I can give a follow
  7. SpidercowSD

    4 years from twitch switched to mixer a few weeks ago

    Ok, I'll look into this, looking to stream a little more and Twitch is ok, I top 10Viewers on World of Tanks Only, Anything else is dead mostly. new platform might help
  8. Yeah, I have some friends I work with that I play. The new DLC is decent. Playing all of them at a couple hour a day pace is rewarding. I can see how hardcore people would be frustrated a little bit. Casually the game is fine. Not perfect but fine.
  9. SpidercowSD on PS4. I'm starting from First DLC, waited as I was playing other games. Anyone still play actively or have a clan worth Joining with active members?
  10. SpidercowSD

    4 years from twitch switched to mixer a few weeks ago

    What is the best way to Optimize Mixer, looked into it and even tried to stream. Laggy and wouldn't load right. Is it better for streaming from Xbox or is it decent from a PC standpoint?
  11. SpidercowSD

    How's Everyone Doing

    @EzBreezy Man that's cool. I kinda fell off the Wagon as far as World of Tanks, Warships ECT go. Just reupped my premium again so I might resume some play on that. I play PC tho. @Sanctionite Lookingrward to the coverage!
  12. SpidercowSD

    How's Everyone Doing

    Top Secret stuff.... not really just working long hours. Fell out of the Community a little, working my way back into Creation. That's awesome. Wish I was decent enough to even conistantly top 10 in PUBG and don't get me going on Fortnite lol
  13. SpidercowSD

    How's Everyone Doing

    How's it hanging everyone, been away on Military stuff and just dropping a line saying what is going on? How the community doing these days?
  14. SpidercowSD

    Now Variety Streaming/YouTuber

  15. SpidercowSD

    Possible weekend stream night?

    Just picking up VM2, looks good with friends. I'd be down for some F2P Games. Even some Massive games would be fun with the community. Ark 7 Days to Die ECT I run an ARK server for my friends at home if anyone is interested in that PM me or leave a message here