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  1. Now Variety Streaming/YouTuber

  2. Possible weekend stream night?

    Just picking up VM2, looks good with friends. I'd be down for some F2P Games. Even some Massive games would be fun with the community. Ark 7 Days to Die ECT I run an ARK server for my friends at home if anyone is interested in that PM me or leave a message here
  3. Now Variety Streaming/YouTuber

    Thanks for all the welcomes, feeling good and healthy again!
  4. Hey guys! Been off the grind dealing with health and wellness of myself and my family. Everything is well now and tonight was the first stream back. Finding myself in ADD Heaven when I play games I find myself more of a Variety Streamer/Youtuber. Well Here is tonights short return stream and I hope to be back to being active in the future!
  5. Back and Feeling Better

    Thanks man work as been hectic haven’t even found time to stream again yet and editing has slowed down. Props to everyone who does this as a main source of livelihood. Still love doing it and keeping up with the community when I can
  6. Back and Feeling Better

    Stream is back Live and We're feeling better. Fought off the sickness and I can speak again! Working back into a schedule and YouTube content resumes on the first! https://www.twitch.tv/spidercowsd
  7. No Man's Sky!

    NP Man, Working on a Longer "edited" Video for tomorrow. I like to unscript them a little. There is so much in this game tho I need to do a lot of off screen grinding to make a dent. A few episodes like this is ok, but hitting major milestones is the goal
  8. No Man's Sky!

    I Joke with Sanc in Streams about going back to No Man's Sky as it was one of the first streams and web series I ever watched. So in return I'm attempting to go back to a web series version of this of my own. No Man's Sky: Season 1. Checking out all the new content in a fresh episode like adventure. Quality will improve as I move forward. Any feedback is appreciated as I venture more into YouTube content and Leave Twitch as a Part time thing. Two Episodes now LIVE E3 in the works as well as some WarFrame and World Of Tanks Vids.
  9. One Shot, One Kill, WoT Clip!

    Follow the Channel for more cool gameplay like this. Also just play World of Tanks Already, It's awesome! https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousDullChipmunkBCWarrior
  10. I agree that at Range, I can kill with an M4 or SvD, and 700. But, the process of closing the gap has no hindering effects. Again I don’t have any Classy sets and I’m sure the 6pc DPS Sets would change my tune a little. But, it remains a frustrating notion that little testing continues to be done on such a great game. WOW spends months in Open PTR before they drop content patches. The Division does what? 2-3 weeks? Hopes for an expansive year and even Division 2 rumors. Most the world is infected so I’m sure chaos is spreading. Cities like Planets in Destiny? Maybe, maybe.
  11. An otherwise good patch in my opinion is being wrecked by this meta weapon. I play mainly Skirmish which is dominated by either Pred or Striker Builds using this gun. I can tell you from countless matches so far, it's BROKEN! That Talent should not be in the game. I watch my HP go from full to done with a house Proc and DPS talents. Not to mention if they are running Nomad and just face trade you. I can complain because I run No 6PC, don't have any and No exotics and to have an entire PVP meta revolve around having 1 Weapon. Is dumb. Note I run DeadEye cause fuck the Meta
  12. Check us out on TWITCH and Follow for instant updates when the Channel Goes Live! https://www.twitch.tv/spidercowsd If YouTube is More your Style We now Stream on YouTube Gaming as Well, With the VODS being available after! Subscribe for Instant Updates when new content is posted as well!!! https://gaming.youtu...Apc5EaMuCA/live
  13. Just Looking at the guy in the lab coat, No ESD Strap, Loose Clothing to get caught on things. He may build a nice PC, But he's a HR Nightmare anywhere else lol
  14. It’s Frickin Friday!

    Happy Friday Everyone lets kick the weekend off right! What’s everyone’s plans? Think I’ll be on the night shift at work and playing games during the day. All while playing with the little one, dolls and ponies it is!
  15. I’m no pro streamer or player by any means and if I can live the initial drop with a kill I count most games as a Win. But some plays still make me so salty in this game. It is a game after all, but the salt only flows harder in The Division lol.