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  1. Lo0k1TsAiMb0T

    Fun PUBG Facts

    Did you guys know? 1) hypnoticz lives near me (like really close) but wont have a beer with me and meet up. 2) We both stream PUBG, we both rage, we both are pretty good at the game... 3) I love this game, and am addicted 4) Actually this was more click bait to get a laugh out of everyone, and let hypno know that we will meet up and have a drink or two one of these nights.
  2. Lo0k1TsAiMb0T

    Look Out!

    Hey everyone, I'm Lo0k1TsAiMb0T but everyone calls me aim or aimbot. I've had my name for many many years now and stream Division and PUBG as of late. Once in a while I will dab into other games just to switch it up. I've been happily married now for six and a half years. Both my wife and I are back in college in pursuit of our dream careers and wondering where life will take us after school. I have been pondering entering the land of youtube as well as twitch but nothing yet. Check me out on twitch at: www.twitch.tv/lookitsaimb0t