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  1. Artwork

    @OvrWrk what kind of a promotion would you be willing to run within the Upper Echelon Network? We still have advertising space and other ways to supplement your discounts, if you're interested in getting in touch with us about that.
  2. Happy Friday! Beer and Pizza of choice?

    Sounds like someone had a seizure while making their brew
  3. Profile Picture size

    So the limit on filesize is limited right now in order to optimize server performance. If we happen to have users uploading high resolution images at the same time, then it may slow down load times for small durations, or spike up the bill.
  4. An App were working on.

    If this becomes a reality, then I'm sure the community can help promote the app! I don't play the game that much, so I need that extra boost of knowledge, so I'm looking forward to it.
  5. A Wild OvrWrk has Appeared!

    About time!!! Totally kidding. Welcome to the site, and the community OvrWrk. Your buddies have been raving about your design skills, and by good golly they look fantastic. I'm looking forward to working with you on future projects, you'll be an awesome asset, and hopefully a good friend <3
  6. Hi there! I'm Lithril

    Hello Lirthril, welcome to the site!!! That does sound like an interesting idea, and I'm really interested in checking it out. This website leverages AWS, so if you guys want to utilize some of our resources to help build the app, we can negotiate something.
  7. Back and Feeling Better

    I still have to watch your YouTube videos man, school and other projects have consumed my life!!! Glad you're still kicking, looking forward to your content.
  8. Happy Friday! Beer and Pizza of choice?

    Pizza: meatlover's Brew: Diet Pepsi from Burger King ( @OvrWrk , I know exactly what you're talking about)
  9. Profile Picture size

    What's the exact error you get? Is it referring to the dimensions or the space?
  10. Heyo All!

    Another Rick and Morty fan? Let's gooo!!!
  11. Getting Started: Forums

    The forum is the central hub for communication on the various topics the community indulges in. Getting involved in the forums or with existing topics is simple. Either you can create topics of discussions containing comments or questions about something you feel strongly about, or you can browse others’ topics and give them a piece of your mind. There are several sections for different topics of interest, ranging from community related topics to the games played by the community. The easiest way to get started is to introduce yourself! To create a new topic for that express purpose… 1. Navigate to the forums by clicking “Forums” in the navigation menu 2. Click on “Start topic” at the top-right (top for mobile users) of the page 3. Select the “Introductions” category, since you will be introducing yourself 4. Provide a catchy title if you wish, and introduce yourself in the message body 5. You may optionally follow the topic to be notified of replies That’s all there is to it! Happy posting!
  12. Gear For Grabs (XBOX)

    You don't have to, this functions like an archive. If you have more gear to give you can update this thread to bump it to the top, just like creating a new post.
  13. Gear For Grabs (XBOX)

    Thanks for helping out!!! Your etiquette is right on. Thanks for being a positive force.
  14. UEN: Then and Now

    The Upper Echelon Network has always been intended to be a platform for content creators to utilize resources provided by Upper Echelon LLC to market their channels and build communities, while representing the Upper Echelon brand. It was always meant to be a mutual partnership. However, the network has had some growing pains over time. At various intervals, a lack of coordination, overloaded schedules, and problems syncing features/resources between candidates and staff has lead to stagnation. We recognize this, and are moving forward with a new structure. Some previous structural elements made it difficult for the network’s operators to implement new methods of marketing partnered channels and helping brand/grow our partners. Community members and partners alike were concerned and frustrated about the situation, so action has been taken. In order to tackle these issues, a committee has been formed with the goal of transforming and reestablishing the network as a valuable and functional operation. After collecting analytical data, communicating with internal parties and members, and debating on the best course of action, it was settled the network would function in the following manner. Streamers can apply to join the network, at which point they will be vetted. Applicants will be reviewed objectively based on a document of guidelines, which only serve the purpose of streamlining the admissions process. The guidelines are not meant to be inflexible or confining, they exist as a framework to standardize the process. Furthermore, the network itself will be scouting for streamers or other forms of content creators to invite, which will allow current partners to easily connect with new streamers, as opposed to partners having to go through the effort of branching out themselves. When it comes to partnership perks, we expect partners who are passionate or interested about working with Upper Echelon to utilize the resources that are being sourced and maintained. The website provides a platform to showcase one’s community, announce events, and sell merchandise or other content to a site that is attracting nearly 100 unique visitors a day, and there are many others perks we have ready to offer, which will be detailed in another article down the road. Change can sometimes be hard, or unexpected. We want to ask that those with feedback on the process, or the structure reach out to us through one of the many contact channels (or comment directly below this message). Over the course of this process there have been many changes in the UEN roster, and to all past, present and future UEN participants we would like to say thank you, especially to those who have helped facilitate what we believe will be an amazing step for the network as a whole. The network, once again, is meant for mutual partnership that involves working together closely with fellow streamers and network coordinators to organize events and allow the network to effectively market partnered channels. We will be expanding on the existing features and finding new ways to promote and benefit partnered channels over the coming months. The Upper Echelon Network project is still a work-in-progress as we try to explore and debate different ways of handling and promoting growth. So far, the changes that have been implemented are with confidence that they will set the foundation for further growth and benefit. Thank you for reading.
  15. League of Legends

    I've always had this itch to play games with enough character development and strategic gameplay which I could seek my teeth into, does League provide any of that? I've seen players use glyphs to add passive traits, and that's the kind of character development I'm looking for, but the numbers are so small it looks like adding glyphs for things like Attack Speed only make a marginal difference.