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  1. You know, that wouldn't have made sense in a game like GTA Online which is probably why Rockstar didn't think to implement that kind of a system in RDR2 (saying that because RDR2 looks like it's inspired by it's last great project). But with the crafting element introduced, it only makes sense. I want to see this happen too, it'll definitely be interesting to see how it affects the player economy.

  2. When it comes to exotics, grind quick missions, like Amherst, on Legendary difficulty for the weekly exotic cache + the exotic drop from the hunter at the end of the mission.

    I grinded Amherst over and over, every time the Hunter would drop a different exotic weapon or gear, and the GE caches sometimes gave exotics.

    It's a lot of time commitment but it will work eventually.

    If you can manage to find a full squad of good players, you can also run Clear Sky on highest difficulty during a GE event. The incursion is short, and with the right squad, can be finished in a few minutes. This means more GE credits quicker.

  3. I'm afraid you were on the receiving end of bad luck. I also farmed DZ, but primarily with a group of people I knew so we could fend off attackers. Eventually, one of the exotic drops was a House from a named boss.

    I'd recommend farming the DZ named bosses with a group, grind the open world named bosses if you can't find a group, and grind the GE events when they're online. Otherwise, there's nothing much you can do as far as I know, maybe someone who's more seasoned can suggest alternatives.

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  4. Oh, hm. You're better off playing with fellow newbies. Playing with a high level will bring the level of enemies up to match the avg. of the squad members' levels, so for newbies + seasoned players in a squad together, enemies are gonna be tough AF for the newbies.

  5. The closed alpha was ridiculous, but I guess that was the whole point, to test the barebones model. Spending $40 on the founder's pack and experiencing whatever the alpha was left a bad taste. After giving Dauntless another try for the open beta, I was impressed at how far they've come in terms of adventuring and character progression. You can tell the meticulously planned every quest in a linear fashion so you would progress as they intended you to. Boring model? Yes. But the gameplay is also very much improved, and I'm actually enjoying this game. Definitely not as robust as Monster Hunter: World, but for a free-to-play alternative with a unique art-style, it's definitely a good game.

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  6. I've been wanting to get into some of these competitive games like Rainbow Six: Siege or League, but I also haven't found the right crowd or had enough motivation. I'm playing CS:GO regularly now, because I'm so comfortable with it. In any case, I'll add you if I happen to get the game again.

  7. It's a fun game, but I played it on console and I'm not really looking forward to buying it again, it's not that worth imo.

    But this idea is pretty good, perhaps we can do it for another game (not PUBG)?

    I was thinking something like GTA Online heists or something cooperative.

  8. Upper Echelon Gamers and a couple of members of the UEN are taking part in a 72 hour charity stream starting on the 9th of March and ending on the 11th. There are 18 different streamers from various communities taking part with the aim of raising $10,000 dollars for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is an ambitious target and @Uber Timmeh has been working around the clock to secure prizes and giveaways for the weekend.

    Massive was generous enough to donate 60 PC copies of The Division Gold Edition and Megan from Digital Extremes provided 5000 platinum for Warframe to give away. There is also over $1000 worth of Xbox One codes up for grabs!

    Tune in on the fun, and help us support a great cause!



  9. After some deliberation, we have enabled ranks for users in the Upper Echelon Discord server! ( ), courtesy of Mee6!

    All one needs to do to climb in rank is to participate in Discord discussions. Every minute, members are awarded between 15 and 25 XP for sending a message in any of the channels.

    To check your rank, simply type !rank in any channel (preferably the #commands channel to keep things clean and organized).

    Click here to view the leaderboards.

    Happy posting!

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