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  1. UE Graphics

    I would shell out some dough lol
  2. Charity Stream

    I really want to set up stuff I'm just having s hard time getting resources together and all with the baby being so clingy this week
  3. Charity Stream

    Alright sorry for the Delay on posting this loves, (Baby has been slightly ill). I am sending out ideas for this weekend and hopefully there will be people on board. If you are a streamer and wish to be a part of the charity event please drop me a message. Thank you. I will contact you tomorrow about your offer OvrWrk
  4. Charity Stream

    I am very interested in setting up a charity stream and possibly getting more streamers involved. All proceeds would go to the family members of the South Florida school shooting that happened this Valentines day. I still have to do a ton of research and it may not be this weekend but possibly next. I will need assistance with it, as well as more streamers on board for this to make any sort of impact. Thank you for any information/suggestions you may have. I would love to do a 24 hour stream but I am a mom and I can't LOL
  5. Rockstar Games




    1. zader


      RDR2 is gonna be my first deep dive into the RD universe, so looking forward to it.

    2. the_starbuxchic


      You will love it! I will be trying to stream the original  here in a few months.

  6. League of Legends

    LOL is crazy but that is awesome that it has brought new followers and views! Yeah LOL almost went out of style for a while there while SMITE was a front runner but they came back with a very strong fan base still. I have never streamed and played LOL, mainly cause I suck. But Keep at it! That's awesome!
  7. So I will be streaming this week, I am torn  on two titles. Either State of Decay replay *hype for State of Decay 2* or Exoplanet (Space western).

    I don't know which one to start first lolz

    1. zader


      I'm interested in watching some State of Decay gameplay!!!

    2. the_starbuxchic
  8. Heyo All!

    I think you forgot a word lol
  9. Heyo All!

    Hello you peoples! I am so excited to have found this community. When I play games and stream it makes it so much nicer to have people to play with then to be solo. I am a 30 year old mother to a sweet little 4 month old ginger female spawn. I have been playing video games since The California Raisins on Floppy Disk. That speaks for itself. I game DayZ, Fallout, State of Decay, Sims, Civ, Quiplash, Skyrim...the list goes on. Here are some pros and cons about me: Pros: * I am super funny * I am witty * I am out of pros... Cons: * OMG ITS A GIRL! Thank for you all for having me here. I am not sure if I can link any Twitch or Discord here so I will wait for admin approval LOL Fin