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  1. the_starbuxchic

    UE Graphics

    I would shell out some dough lol
  2. the_starbuxchic

    Charity Stream

    I really want to set up stuff I'm just having s hard time getting resources together and all with the baby being so clingy this week
  3. the_starbuxchic

    Charity Stream

    Alright sorry for the Delay on posting this loves, (Baby has been slightly ill). I am sending out ideas for this weekend and hopefully there will be people on board. If you are a streamer and wish to be a part of the charity event please drop me a message. Thank you. I will contact you tomorrow about your offer OvrWrk
  4. the_starbuxchic

    Charity Stream

    I am very interested in setting up a charity stream and possibly getting more streamers involved. All proceeds would go to the family members of the South Florida school shooting that happened this Valentines day. I still have to do a ton of research and it may not be this weekend but possibly next. I will need assistance with it, as well as more streamers on board for this to make any sort of impact. Thank you for any information/suggestions you may have. I would love to do a 24 hour stream but I am a mom and I can't LOL
  5. Rockstar Games




    1. zader


      RDR2 is gonna be my first deep dive into the RD universe, so looking forward to it.

    2. the_starbuxchic


      You will love it! I will be trying to stream the original  here in a few months.

  6. the_starbuxchic

    League of Legends

    LOL is crazy but that is awesome that it has brought new followers and views! Yeah LOL almost went out of style for a while there while SMITE was a front runner but they came back with a very strong fan base still. I have never streamed and played LOL, mainly cause I suck. But Keep at it! That's awesome!
  7. So I will be streaming this week, I am torn  on two titles. Either State of Decay replay *hype for State of Decay 2* or Exoplanet (Space western).

    I don't know which one to start first lolz

    1. zader


      I'm interested in watching some State of Decay gameplay!!!

    2. the_starbuxchic
  8. the_starbuxchic

    Heyo All!

    I think you forgot a word lol
  9. the_starbuxchic

    Heyo All!

    Hello you peoples! I am so excited to have found this community. When I play games and stream it makes it so much nicer to have people to play with then to be solo. I am a 30 year old mother to a sweet little 4 month old ginger female spawn. I have been playing video games since The California Raisins on Floppy Disk. That speaks for itself. I game DayZ, Fallout, State of Decay, Sims, Civ, Quiplash, Skyrim...the list goes on. Here are some pros and cons about me: Pros: * I am super funny * I am witty * I am out of pros... Cons: * OMG ITS A GIRL! Thank for you all for having me here. I am not sure if I can link any Twitch or Discord here so I will wait for admin approval LOL Fin