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  1. UE Graphics

    I love this idea (obviously if you don’t mind) Having a base package for partners for UE Sanctionite to put into the Dropbox would be a huge + I think. This way partners can pick and choose what they could use for their panels to rep UE. Great idea
  2. Artwork

    Can this post be pinned FOREVER? I'm looking forward to working on many projects with you In the future. :DDD
  3. Hi there! I'm Lithril

    Welcome Lirthil
  4. A Wild OvrWrk has Appeared!

    Cheers man! This is going to be a fun ride and we are all glad you can come squad up.
  5. So as the title says, ITS FRIDAY! what better way to celebrate then getting some Beer and Pizza later? What is your favorite pizza of choice? mine- BBQ chicken ranch pizza What is you favorite brew to pair with it? mine- Stella
  6. Profile Picture size

    download moar RAM lol
  7. Heyo All!

    Hey STARBUCKS!!! Welcome to the sight.....
  8. Not only did 'EA confirm the next battlefield game was slated for October 2018, but they also confirmed they are working on a PUBG style mode for the upcoming title. So not only will this new upcoming title have "classic multiplayer game modes we have come to expect from battlefield titles, but will also include a polished AAA" BR mode that will run on the FrostBite 3 engine. WHOS hyped? who could care less? Is the future of gaming starting to look bright?
  9. Success as a game vs. on twitch

    Good write up. Short answer this is my opinion, The game is going to die. On twitch its just not that fun to watch there is to much B/S in between action ill give it another month before its down to about 1,000 less viewers
  10. Recovering meme addict here, would love for a nice spot on this website to post the most hot and dank memes on the planet. I feel like it would be a good tool for people like @Sanctionite who are unaware of the dank memes learn the dank memes. Here is a dank meme btw
  11. ¡UEN Gram!

    This is a great idea, Mattman is a instahipster
  12. Brand new here

    @notsofamoustv Nice to see you m8
  13. PUBG trolling

    cayou!!!!!! That's an amazing idea ill have the clip for you tonight
  14. PUBG trolling

    So I have been doing this for the past couple weeks to refresh for weekend tryhard grinds. PUBG Trolling seems to be somthing I am naturally good at and I just wanted to share one of my favorite clips to get a good laugh. https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyBusyQueleaMrDestructoid?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  15. One hell of a SCAV run!

    DUDE I don't know much about the games loot system, but from what I see HOLY SHIT THATS A GOOD RUN!