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  1. FrenZyKiLLa

    God of War HYPE!

    Who's ready?!?!?!?!
  2. FrenZyKiLLa

    Possible weekend stream night?

    im down for some GTA 5 RP LUL or some Forest.
  3. FrenZyKiLLa

    Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Good luck breezy! Hope it works out! I've been debating the same thing. I have a few friends who work at mixer and are trying to get people to come aboard.
  4. FrenZyKiLLa

    Possible weekend stream night?

    I was watching LIRIK and Shorty play this today, looks hella fun! Would like to make an event with myself and 3 other UEN members during the weekend or a friday night. Any takers?
  5. FrenZyKiLLa

    One hell of a SCAV run!

    the first was a scav run, the second was a hatchet run. I spawned with only a pistol on the first one.
  6. FrenZyKiLLa

    One hell of a SCAV run!

    Here's one i just did... hatchet only on factory.
  7. FrenZyKiLLa

    One hell of a SCAV run!

    3 dead guys laying next to extract, one started to move so i shot him. took the lootzzzz!
  8. FrenZyKiLLa

    Who's playing this?

    If any of you haven't been on the hype train for this game you NEED to pick it up! The game is super punishing, you take gear into a "raid" and if you die you lose EVERYTHING, unless you insure it where it takes up to 24 hours to return to you if no one picks up your stuff... If i had to explain it to someone, if anything has played the DayZ Mod / Standalone... basically that but FPS and in Russia. The gun customization is INSANE , lots of ammo types , the guns are sick the modding is in-depth. I highly recommend the game and glad we have forum for the game! Here's the site :
  9. FrenZyKiLLa

    Adding a CSGO forum?

    I'm thinking of getting back into CS since that's the main game i use to play.
  10. FrenZyKiLLa

    Sup Everyone!

    My name's Taylor aka FrenZyKiLLa You mainly see me playing PUBG or CSGO also some other games. Since 1.0 came out on PUBG this will be my main focus on my streams, with Sanc mentioning a possible UE team, i want to put all of my focus on practicing and training for this team.