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  1. To find a normal non retarded YT channel that isn't being paid to shill for terrible video games and their agendas is truly a bliss. Thank you, Upper Echelon just so you know you are not alone in this struggle against those snowflakes/helicopter and other weirdos. #get triggered Please Upper Echelon Gaming, consider making a panel about KOTAKU blackmails and how recently they twist things to set "gay community" against CD PROJEKT RED over joke tweet. With FORBES and other propaganda outlets they are shit talking upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. I wish they would face the consequences of their greed. They find no need to criticize other Developers who keep stealing from us for years like EA they take literally any the most remote thing for the ones that are not paying them that are not their family comapnies and keep creating bad press for them how about we start creating bad press about those assholes. Show them hell they deserve we need more channels like this, truth needs more publicity and more people need to get triggered so next generation isn't offended with discussing their reality.