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  1. "......snowflakes/helicopter and other weirdos" You might need to find an adult to explain this post to you... boy Spits out K4Far .... surely that's a direct racist slur against coloured people? You've been reported for it. Wherever this extra dumb garbage arrives, from any quarter, then one must take a stand.... Why are you so ignorant? Why are you on a bandwagon little boy, with all your other lickle dumb fwends? The reality of western life is this sonny ....... If you find your life is both fiscally and experientially poor.... It is tawdry, dull, unfulfilled ... Then that is down to you.. should have listened in school or had a saleable talent. But no, you people stand around insulting other people because of your own crass stupidity, complete lack of education and desperately low socio economic class ...... At 18 my son joined an Army, he fought in Afghanistan for 3 tours, indeed volunteered for every front line task he was allowed to because he was in charge of computers/Radar ........ Then he left, went to university and is now a Dr of Mathematical Physics ... His gay, married to her wife, sister.... she is a Dr of Sociology, whilst my wife is a Dr of Psychology. Then look at you in the gutter or trailer park ....... Social lint, blaming your totally useless existence on everyone else but yourself ... YOU are the problem with your life boy ..... Grasp that and you might do better than your mom's basement and a McJob, if you're lucky... Though I doubt you;re bright enough fro even that.