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  1. NinjaGnome

    New Years T-shirt Giveaway Winner

    Rigged I should have won!!
  2. NinjaGnome

    6 Pc Banshee build {Details}

    High rate of fire AR has always hit hard since launch. It's also kind of a must for at least a secondary as clearing out NPCs in the DZ is helpful weather it be for HOK/Predatory and/or Determined. SMGs are definitely making a come back and are now contenders with CHC and CHD being so useful and important in many builds. A well controlled M4 will always have a faster TTK. This excludes the house of course.
  3. NinjaGnome

    I’m just here for the food

    I think the biggest thing about being a hardcore gamer is we want to be different than everyone else wether it be cosmetic or better gear. I believe the cosmetic is the way to go for something like that. Everyone should be able to get the same gear. I want something for grinding my heart and soul into the game. I don't typically play many games at once so I spend most of it on 1-2 games. But I see many people that are so called "Hardcore" feel entitled and that's not right. This community is extremely harsh and toxic at times. That's where I had to step back and play with my friends only and stay away from the community. Never should a "casual gamer" be deprived of getting the same gear as a so called "Hardcore".
  4. NinjaGnome

    UE Top 5 FARMING Methods

    Give me my house @UE_MANNY
  5. NinjaGnome

    I’m just here for the food

    This game is an extremely complicated game. I was on console since closed beta, so I'm definitely a veteran. I stopped playing the first week of 1.7 and now have returned on PC. IGN is NinjaGnome_12 on Uplay. And yes you can trust a ninja gnome unless we are in the DZ!! I don't even trust me in there. I have made plenty of builds and know a lot about the game but sancs videos are one of a kind. 1.8 has brought new life and a lot of old players back. I love to kill shit so add me and let's do this shit! case you haven't heard.... I do what I want!!
  6. Add me if you'd like to play. Uplay ninjagnome_12
  7. NinjaGnome

    Long time member 1st time caller

    Yo yo yo Tera!!!
  8. NinjaGnome

    You know why I'm here #SendNudes

    I sent them and never go any back!
  9. NinjaGnome

    Sup Everyone!

    Uh oh. May have to finally git gud!! Lol
  10. NinjaGnome

    Introduction to Lord Shaffer

    I do what I want
  11. NinjaGnome

    YO YO YO

    My name is NinjaGnome i am astreamer for Upper Echelon Gamers. MOstly Play PUBG, The Division, and Warframe. feel free to stop by and say hello. Otherwise you can catch me on twitter and of course here at Hope to see yall soon!!!! WE ARE UE!!!