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  1. Entropytouch

    Divison PC - LFG

    Yessir - I'm looking forward to it deeply. Just so happens my girlfriend is going out of town that weekend and my son will be with his mother.... I'll be extra free to get balls deep in some looters and gear, lmao.
  2. Entropytouch

    Divison PC - LFG

    Cautiously optimistic for TD2's upcoming release. Have the preorder beta access coming, but it's definitely renewed my interest in playing some Division. I came to the game very late, so while I got almost everything done I don't have as deep of roots as most everyone else - but I'm looking to find a few people to sow some havoc into the DZ with, as well as do some other end-game stuff with (incursions, Legendary Missions, Resistance). If you're around for the Div2 beta - that's even better. Uplay info is xentropyxtouchx - throw an inv or HMU here and we can shoot some things. Cheers! Thor
  3. Entropytouch

    Resistance Farming

    Sttill working on this with people, CJ?
  4. Entropytouch

    Will UE be creating a guild in TD2

    Definitely looking to have a few people I know online to jump into DZ/Endgame fun with. Still playing Division on PC - add me if you're looking to farm stuff. xentropyxtouchx
  5. Entropytouch

    New to The Division on PC

    Also playing on PC, LF some people to farm end-game stuff and DZ with. xentropyxtouchx