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  1. Searnath


    Very cool OvrWrk, do you have an online portfolio or some examples of your style we could see. I know many people out there are always looking for something new and fresh and I'm willing to pass along info when I think or see a good fit.
  2. Searnath

    One hell of a SCAV run!

    I picked this one up over the weekend, LOVING THIS GAME!!! Kail_RooK is my Tarkov name if anyone wants to do some group runs I'd be done. I only have the standard edition sooooo I don't have a ton of space but I can afford better gear than I usually run with, so far I have fun doing hatchet runs and coming out with other people's gear.
  3. Any PC players around this weekend for the GE? I need to knock out Dragon's Nest and would like to snag the last mask that requires killing 250 enemies while near an ally. I've done pretty much all the soloing I can and am down to just the few things that force me to group up.
  4. I'm hoping to actually participate in this GE, it'll be my first GE but I don't have a dedicated team. Is it even possible to solo farm the GE's or am I pretty much hosed because I don't have a team? I don't like the random matchmake system mainly because I find I don't like talking to most ppl. I'm not anti-social.. I'm anti-stupid.
  5. Searnath

    Getting better, still salty!

    I can't confirm this for myself, but the group I normally run with has said they have heard it mentioned that shotguns have a "magic" pellet. Essentially only one of the pellets is the one that actually does the bulk of the damage and the rest really don't do much at all. Trust me I've got nearly 1400 hours into PUBG and I"ve seen the shotgun go from mandatory to crap back to mandatory into it's current "mystery" state now. Recently I've blasted a player who had no helmet or armor and then died to him only to see the game award me with a 4 damage score from my shotgun, so tell me how the game says I hit someone at point blank range with a shotgun did damage but not get the kill. So yeah, PUBG has some really bad desync and hit reg problems right now. I'm by no means a pro at the game either but I did manage a 2400+ rating for the first four seasons before taking some time off. I've recently switched to playing exclusively Third person to playing mostly First person now that I feel the First person camera is working properly, when it was first introduced I felt like the camera for first person was at knee level and it was retarded to try and play it. As for the Division, I enjoy PvP, but the lack of real balance in the DZ is starting to become an annoyance, not everyone playing has a 6pc set and until the game has some minor balance tweaks to account for that it makes it very hard to even attempt to get a 6pc set now when those who already have them just camp extraction zones to steal the rare classy drop I do get from time to time. I've resorted to counter-griefing tactics where I just fill up on blue gear so when they kill me they get jack squat for it.
  6. Searnath

    1.8 Farming Exotic or Classy

    cool thanks!
  7. Searnath

    1.8 Farming Exotic or Classy

    Nice video, is it possible for someone to solo farm these if they don't have a 6pc set already? I tried to run one and seemed to do okay, I actually got preoccupied killing things and didn't kill the boss in time on round 5, but I didn't die up to that point, but wasn't sure how well I'd be able to do solo beyond the lower rounds.
  8. Searnath

    Happy New Years Eve

    Have a safe and Happy New Years!
  9. Searnath

    Happy New Years Eve :D

    Happy 2018!
  10. Searnath

    Streamers and Swatting

    Yeah, I'm well aware that all societies both real and virtual will always have people looking to be toxic or simply be there to cause harm, especially over the internet as it allows them a feeling of power, even if it isn't real power, and provides them a level of safety from the repercussions of said actions. I do find it interesting that you had such a positive response from your local law enforcement agency, that is nothing like the typical response I have seen and heard of from the local ones out here in the Midwest. The majority of my interactions with local law enforcement agencies has rarely been a positive one, but that doesn't mean growth isn't possible. Hopefully this incident in Kansas will provide a valuable learning lesson to all law enforcement across the Nation and we won't have to see or hear about any further tragic accidents of this nature. I was curious how easy/difficult it is for Streamers to maintain their privacy. As I'm not super familiar with all of the inner workings of high level streamers with Twitch. Obviously one should never use their real name when doing anything online, but I am also aware of how easy it can be to obtain a person's real information if someone really wants to put in the time to discover it. I do think it is strange that according to initial reports the address that was provided on the prank call wasn't even the proper address yet the police still arrived at this person's house. So, they had the proper technology to find the right person at the proper address, but not the technology to realize the call came in from an out of state number. I've learned over the years through many direct and indirect confrontations that there are good and bad ways to deal with toxic people and sometimes people lash out simply because they themselves are hurting inside. There is an old saying "hurting people hurt people" and I've always tried to keep that in my mind when dealing with people just being outright toxic. Still, at the end of the day one must always protect themselves and their families first and foremost. I do appreciate the responses and the transparency as I believe the streaming community needs to continue to grow stronger and that only happens when people communicate and work with each other rather than against. I've been very involved in creative avenues my entire life, writing, art, digital communications and graphics as well as on stage productions, script and play writing and acting but I've always been a gamer at heart and I just feel like that path would be a great fit for me, but I also know that I need to have the right pieces in place before embarking on that adventure. I never do anything half way and would want things to be done properly. Thanks for the responses and any further ones that come along.
  11. Searnath

    Streamers and Swatting

    I don't want to get involved in any political discussions or such, but with the recent event in Kansas and this community that has a number of Streamers and Online Personalities I'd really like to have an open discussion about everyone's thoughts on issues with abusive viewers or things taking way out of control. At some point in the future I do have serious plans to begin streaming, mainly waiting for the funds to build a new rig to handle what I want to do, that being said I do have a family and hearing some of the crazy things that happen to streamers makes one wonder how safe certain aspects of streaming really are for all involved. In the case of the Kansas event, there was apparently a disagreement between two teammates for either a CoD or CS:Go match, can't remember which game it was, but the one teammate had another member of the community who is known for calling in "swatting" prank calls perform a prank call on this other teammate which lead to the police showing up at this man's house and they ended up shooting and killing the man. Now, they have since arrested the person who made the prank call. I don't want to get into who is at fault or the issue with the police, I have my own take on law enforcement agencies and it's a debate that doesn't usually go well. What I'd like to know is how do this community's member handle toxic viewers who take things beyond normal internet hate and cross the lines of possible threats. For the record I think prank calls of this nature are wrong and shouldn't even be considered funny, I don't believe sending the police to anyone's house for any reason other than true fear of actual danger or threat being a reality; however, I know we live in a day and age where people sitting behind computer screens feel nearly untouchable and often streamers are inviting complete strangers into a small part of their home. I assume that there are easy ways for the public to find out personal details about a streamer if they really wanted to do so. So, do you feel that these situations are easily avoidable or are there perhaps steps that need to be put in place to properly and better protect the streamer and their identity? Hopefully this topic is okay because I do believe it is an important issue to consider and discuss; please don't stray from the topic to discuss this from a political opinion or agenda, I want responses in relation to Streamer Safety and Viewer etiquette / safety measures. Thanks!
  12. Searnath

    6 Pc Banshee build {Details}

    Stuff like this is very valuable to those of us new or who haven't got full 6pc sets of anything yet. I'm currently running a mix of gear I have a few actual classified pieces but nothing to make a full set so instead I've equipped my Pred classified piece and am running a 4 piece Pred with 2 piece Nomad because it's what I've got to work with thus far. My gear set will change as I get more pieces obviously, but having an idea of what might work lets me have some options when new pieces drop.
  13. Searnath

    Daily Combat Mission Bugged?

    Yeah okay, so for whatever reason the LZ Bosses do not count towards the "Elite" category on the Daily missions. All other yellow/gold bar HP NPC's worked no problem. I ran Lincoln Tunnel and knocked it out no issues. I'm not sure why the LZ Bosses didn't count, but good to know for future reference.
  14. Searnath

    Daily Combat Mission Bugged?

    This was well after the reset, I'd say I ran it around 11pm Central time, I logged in and looked at the new dailies and thought "yeah Elites, I'm doing boss run anyway that'll knock it out" so then I completed the boss run and it never gave me a single Elite kill on the objective.
  15. Okay so it says to kill 3 Elites, now I thought Elites were just the ones with Gold HP bars or named Bosses. I did the entire LZ boss run tonight, which I believe there are 14 or 15 bosses and this Daily Mission never updated. It isn't the DZ Daily, so either I'm missing something or it's bugged. Anyone else have this problem or am I missing something simple that's going to make me feel like an idiot?