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  1. EzBreezy

    Dauntless Stuff

    its fun game love it so far ive played lots of Mon hunter world
  2. you got setting you have to follow for FTL to work right https://watchbeam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209659623-FTL-Faster-Than-Light-streaming-protocol-
  3. EzBreezy

    How's Everyone Doing

    making moves trying out Facebook ads to help push some content other then that chilling
  4. sent you a UEN mixer team invite
  5. posted twice oof delete the other post
  6. So far i really like the platform my last 90 on mixer compared to last 90 on twitch doing the same thing my mixer growth blows past it and hope to keep having this support moving forward talked a bit about this on reddit but if anyone wants to help out https://mixer.com/EzCompany & https://mixer.com/team/upperechelongg UEN mixer stream team that we're working on adding members to the team so look out for that.
  7. EzBreezy

    [50] 7 day Bonus Code Giveaway

    Oh for Console only
  8. My Wot PC Somua SM WG loaned me the tank so here's my review after a week of playing
  9. Hello tankers i'm giving away [50] 7 day bonus codes on mixer how to win is Ez just watch my live stream for a total of 2 hours i.e. 0-120 bonds Bonds = points then redeem via !shop & !buy 1 in chat and ill whisper you the code Ez right? all links are down below see ya. http://mixer.com/EzCompany http://botisimo.com/u/ezcompany/shop
  10. EzBreezy

    Back and Feeling Better

    whats your IGN on tanks PC we can platoon some day
  11. EzBreezy

    Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Fisrt UEN Mixer streamer Lit
  12. EzBreezy

    Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Big risk but you only live once
  13. EzBreezy

    Switching from twitch to Mixer

    Hi I'm new
  14. https://mixer.com/EzCompany @Zader update my UEN link thanks
  15. are you on now zader ill hook you up