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  1. Introducing Discord ranks!

  2. Charity Stream

    I am down to help however possible
  3. Back and Feeling Better

    glad you are doing better!
  4. Heyo All!

    welcome starbucks
  5. ¡UEN Gram!

    not sure accounts can be shared, but if you designate a person who recieves the photos and owns the accounts then they can just post content and repost the partners content as well
  6. Can we get a MEMEs section please?

    recovering? I dont think you ever left @hypnoticz
  7. PUBG trolling

    no that night definitely wasnt
  8. GoobMcGee

    welcome Goob! good to see you buddy
  9. Look Out!

    welcome aimbot!!!
  10. Creating a Gaming News Section

    if you guys send me the stuff relating to any news I can help edit a video, if it is a really big update
  11. Call me Trades

    welcome to the site trades! looking forward to seeing you around dude
  12. PUBG trolling

    trolling with hypno is always a fricking blast when it works
  13. Brand new here

    welcome Luis! glad to have ya
  14. It’s Frickin Friday!

    happy friyay!
  15. New Years T-shirt Giveaway Winner

    woooop wooop