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  1. Jriggs2

    I’m Kit!

    Welcome Kit! Glad to have you! I fully understand the wife and daughter problem! No wife (divorced) but two boys make it tough at times!
  2. Jriggs2

    My Top Gift This Year Was....

    I got a 2TB external hard drive for my Xbox and a charging stand for my elite controller. And a bunch of clothes. Lol
  3. Jriggs2


    Welcome Clarence!
  4. Jriggs2

    Hello, all!!

    Nice to meet you Domed!
  5. Jriggs2

    Long time member 1st time caller

    Welcome Tera! Nice to meet you!
  6. Jriggs2

    I’m just here for the food

    I’ve loved this game since the beginning. I think they have the perfect balance of what I want in a game. The only problem is at times I feel left out because I’m only a casual player. I run a family owned business that requires a lot of my time. I rarely go into the dark zone because I’m 99% of the time solo. I joined this community on discord the first go around and to be honest without sanc and his build videos, I was in that “what the hell am I doing” category. I tend to believe I have a pretty decent grasp of it now but I find the most challenging content impossible without a squad to carry me. Lol. I actually stopped playing after 1.6 and similar to Chris I came back to the game for 1.8 after seeing people enjoying it again. I am constantly trying to learn more by way of YouTube/Twitch. I really enjoy the inter workings of this game and how you can go against the grain if you choose. My biggest problem is all of my close friends stopped playing, and I look forward to hooking up with other fellow members.
  7. Thanks Lord Shaffer! Glad to be here!
  8. Thanks Zader. Looking forward to it!
  9. What’s up guys and gals. I’m mainly a division player but I also play Cod and Fortnite. I mainly play solo and I’m looking for friends to join up with. Solo play is nice but most games are way more fun with other people. I play on Xbox one. My gamertag is Jriggs2. I’ve been following Chris for a long time and love the content he creates. He is the main reason I’ve stuck with the division for this long. I love going against the grain and not using meta type builds. Hit me up. I’d love to add more friends and have more fun playing. Thanks and I look forward to dominating the Dark Zone with you fellow agents.