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Found 2 results

  1. you know how you guys have to take a look at some videos jot some stuff down pause the timestamps and YouTube videos write those down backtrack talk to your friends and even ask what the best gear to use is? well look no further there's an app we're developing right now for the division starting out on PC (mobile later) that's going to allow you to view submit and rate builds with ease with drop-down menus with the selection of the statistics that you want to see. This app will be free it will be up for testing soon and is currently in the alpha stages. I personally would like to see additional features such as cute ol features like a route for farming materials boss timers Etc. The mobile version will be coming later after the PC version is in a stable state for all of you console players with limitations. if an administrator on here can get with me so I could promote this post I would be more than happy to provide any links associated with our application but for now I will be uploading screenshots of the Alpha version which are subject to change.
  2. So I’m creating this topic for those of us who play this game with nothing but the blind faith that running into the depths of hell with nothing but a little pink gun and a pretty backpack is enough... oh and some pretty eyelashes. I still have zero idea how this damn game works and would be curious to know if I’m the only imbecile playing it in this manner. I have on many occasion pulled the girl card in the DZ - “please don’t kill me” and hey - it works. I love this game. Consequently I was invited to UEG by a friend and it has changed my entire gaming experience. I never knew about Sanc, but I know about him now and well, I don’t know and care what happened before - thank you. I’m also thankful to Manny because his friendship allowed me a direct channel into groups of gamers who are well - exceptional humans. So share your story with me. Tell me I’m not alone in my inability to fathom how this game works but don’t care. As long as my ass looks good when I get shot down, I’m happy 😆