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Found 2 results

  1. i recive my UEN aplication responce and i didn't been accept im working on being accepted the thing i need to do is that i need to put the record and on on my twitch chanel im on xbox and im live streaming so i can i have the record of the live stream on my xbox and transfer them on pc so i can put them on my youtube chanel and twitch. @Sanctionite like you are on xbox can you help me on this part ty in advance for the help is @everyone can help me ty
  2. cayou746

    streaming in french

    As some of you know im streming when college and the homework let me. What you didn't know for the most of you is that i was speaking french and as it i want to have your ideas if i was switching my streaming in english to french to put some diversity in UE community. @Sanctionite as you are the leader and the best to answer this question would you be open to have me streaming in french? I know UE is english streamer only for the moment so i better ask before than do something i would regret. othewise i know some of you are well establish in stream so any advise would be great btw @hypnoticz rdy for your french lesson